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Mark Cuban – “Ich werde Dirk nicht traden“

04.08.2013 || 13:01 Uhr von:
Mark Cuban – Besitzer der Dallas Mavericks – hat in einem sehr aufschlussreichen Blogeintrag die Philosophie der Mavs in den letzten Jahren und für die Zukunft genauer erklärt. Zudem erläuterte er, warum er Dirk N...

Mark Cuban – Besitzer der Dallas Mavericks – hat in einem sehr aufschlussreichen Blogeintrag die Philosophie der Mavs in den letzten Jahren und für die Zukunft genauer erklärt. Zudem erläuterte er, warum er Dirk Nowitzki niemals traden würde. Hier die wichtigsten Aussagen zusammengefasst:

Über die Situation nach der Meisterschaft und vor dem Lock-Out:

“Then came the lock out. As we had planned the contracts of some of our older players were ending, as well as Tyson’s expiring contract.  We had some tough decisions to make. Did we keep the team together for another run or go in another direction? It wasn’t an easy decision. Our plan all along had been to have the contracts of our older players expire this year and next. But winning the championship obviously made us re-think everything.”

“We debated and discussed it long and hard. The final decision was going to be mine.”

“There was a chance that we were going to be champs for two summers in a row , if only by default, because there was a very real risk that the 2012-13 season would not be played. As one of the owners on the committee negotiating the CBA I honestly felt that there was a 90pct chance there would not be a season.”

Über die Entscheidung, warum man mit Spielern wie Tyson Chandler nicht verlängerte:

“But what we have not discussed publicly was our concern of bringing back an older team in a shortened season. We basically saw the 2011-12 season as a throw away no matter who we signed. Without the time to prepare and get their bodies ready, throwing a team with an older starting lineup right into the fire was going to be tough. Young guys can walk into an NBA game any day of the year.”

Über die Mavs Kultur – Ich werde Dirk niemals traden!

“Culture is very important to the Mavs. Your best player has to be a fit for what you want the culture of the team to be. He has to be someone who leads by example. Someone who sets the tone in the locker room and on the court. It isn’t about who talks the most or the loudest. It is about the demeanor and attitude he brings. It is amazing how when the culture is strong, the chemistry is strong. When the Mavs have brought in players that didn’t fit or buy in to our culture it created on the court and off the court problems. Its possible to handle one guy who may not fit it. It’s going to have a negative impact on your won and loss record if you have more than one. Our culture is one of the reasons I won’t trade Dirk.

Über die Einführung einer Siegermentalität bei den Mavs:

“A quick story. The week I bought the Mavs I was asked by Nellie if I wanted to bag the season in order to get the best draft pick that we could. My response was “No. At some point this franchise has to learn how to win and develop a culture of winning. You don’t create that culture by tanking the season. I don’t know how many games we can win, but we are going to try to win every one of them.”

Über den Free Agent Sommer 2013 – Verpflichtung von Howard & Paul

“So we went for a max free agent this summer. We had hoped that Chris Paul may be available. He wasn’t. So Dwight Howard was our first target once again.

Let me address here the inevitable question of Dwight vs Mavs culture. We saw it as somewhat of a risk, but felt like because Dwight by all appearances and checking we did, is a good guy and with our support systems we believed we could make it work. if not, he was obviously a very trade-able asset. But, as everyone knows, we didn’t sign him.“
(Mit folgendem Video versuchte man übrigens Dwight Howard nach Dallas zu locken:

Über die kommende Saison und die Zukunft der Franchise:

“If we stay healthy, I think we can have a good team. How good ? I don’t make predictions. I do believe that by having a core of players that we can grow and develop with, and cap room in the upcoming season and what we feel is the ability to develop and improve the performance of our players, we are in a good position for this year and for the future. We have been hurt by not having a core of players in place that free agents see as teammates they want to play with. That shouldn’t be the case next year.“


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Mark Cuban – “Ich werde Dirk nicht traden“
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